Why do some types of vodka undergo multiple distillations?

V. Alibabayan explains: “after each distillation, the vodka is purified and softened. Vodka should acquire a soft, delicate, pure taste, and each following distillation brings the product closer to its goal."

Why does Toruk go through multiple distillations?

Toruk goes through multiple distillations, because only after the last distillation the vodka acquires the perfect taste it should have. And as a result of multiple distillations "Toruk" will receive a delicate taste and the purest transparency of a tear.

How is craft vodka made?

The production of craft vodka is a whole philosophy. And most of the production is done manually. And although there is no clear academic definition of craft vodka, it is common to call a product that is produced in limited quantities and that is distilled multiple times from selected wheat under the strict control of specialists.

What ingredients are required in the process of making quality vodka?

Vodka can be obtained from any product that has been fermented and contains sugar or starch. Yeast is added to this raw product and the result is alcohol, which is distilled into a ready-to-drink beverage.

Why Toruk?

Armenian vodka has always differed in its taste from Russian or Polish, but the Armenian drink did not have its own recognizable name, thanks to which foreigners could navigate the world of Armenian alcoholic beverages. And "Toruk" is the name that helps to recognize and distinguish our Armenian vodka.

Do multiple distillations actually improve the quality of vodka?

Depends on what flavor you want to get. Multiple distillations are aimed at obtaining the purest strong product. However, multiple distillations can also lead to a loss of the distinctive flavor that vodka gets from the wheat base alcohol. It is necessary to "catch" the balance, harmonious state of the product in time and complete the process.

What is the difference between wheat and corn vodka?

Vodka, of course, does not have the taste of either wheat or corn, but at the same time they clearly differ from each other in taste. Wheat vodka has a more delicate taste, while corn vodka is harsher and sharper due to the higher concentration of sugar.

Why do some "brands" produce limited quantities of vodka?

Vodka produced in limited quantities is supposed to be of higher quality and excellent taste. This means that the vodka was prepared in compliance with all technological processes, the focus was on all the smallest details of production, the amount of the drink is limited, thanks to which the vodka is of high quality and premium class.

What does vodka distillation mean?

Distillation is the process of concentrating alcohol in a beverage through heating and thickening. Different factories use different methods of distilling vodka, but nevertheless all involve the same process. Along with the concentration of alcohol, distillation purifies and softens the taste of vodka.

Are all vodkas the same?

No, of course, vodkas are very different. Vodka can be made from different raw materials, the distillation process at each distillery is produced according to a different method, and therefore the drinks are different from each other. And since vodka does not differ in a variety of colors, it is colorless, not subject to the aging process, the only distinguishing feature of vodka is its quality.
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